About This Project

Gutter Bling. Dan Petley’s jewellery work has a raw urban chic, offset by a dignified elegance, which screams sophistication with a violent whisper.
The selection of necklaces featured here, like all Petley Gutter Bling, are made entirely out of found objects, giving each piece that individual charm, making the perfect seasonal gift for the special man or woman in your life.

Since 2006 I have been making and wearing jewellery made exclusively from found objects.

Regular exhibitions of my ‘Gutter Bling’ in Plymouth developed into a small scale sensation, and I started to exhibit them in cafes and galleries, where they sold well. I have since exhibited and sold my jewellery work in London and Brussels. However, during this wave of success, I started to consider whether the work was devolving from selections of singular showpieces, into ‘regular products’. I had also become concerned that my box of found objects was starting to appear less full.

In late Janurary 2011, I moved to Bristol in order to seek a wider art community, and so began to reconsider the role of Gutter Bling. I realised that in order for the work to retain its impact as a serious fashion object, I needed to re establish its sense of precious rarity, so Gutter Bling production slowed down during this period. However, I didn’t stop collecting discarded material so my treasured collection of scrapped matter has greatly expanded… A new series of Gutter Bling will be exposed in late 2017, watch this space.