University of Bristol Workshops

15 Jan University of Bristol Workshops

As part of my work facilitating workshops as part of the public engagement module for EngD students, I have been helping hard working engineers to encourage people to ask questions about their research by composing and painting murals in a busy corridor in the Queens building in Clifton.The finished pieces will become a big feature of the university and give students an opportunity to use a systematic cognitive approach to produce a record of their work that is attractive, creative and engaging. I am very proud of the work we have produced since December, and both the faculty and the students who have so far participated in the project are quite understandably pleased with our achievements so far.

Sarah Tauwhare, Industrial Doctorate Centre in Systems Coordinator, who has  been vital in the development of this project.

I will post more pictures as the project develops, and the ‘gallery launch’ will be in February.

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