Exit/Invasion of Stokes Croft

18 Nov Exit/Invasion of Stokes Croft

Well I’ve got alot of new stuff happening around this part of town at the moment. Not only have I got loads of stuff up in the Canteen (this exhibition was triggered by my work being on the front of the Hamilton House programme this month), but I’ll be showing some work in the Coexist fashion show on 5th & 6th Dec, 7.30-11pm -£5, come and support it and buy my threads…

If you can’t make the show be sure to look at my stuff in the Coexist shop throughout December also.

All 2 Much gallery put my stuff in their window as part of their Open Walls show. I’m submitting work for the Xmas rock and roll show also, probably under the name of Old Master.

I’ll also be working at University of Bristol’s Engineering department in January facilitating workshops for the Engd programme’s Public Engagement module again next year, can’t wait!

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