Brick Projects and Moon Temples

10 Mar Brick Projects and Moon Temples

Since the success of last year’s Macclesfield Brick Project, I have been working on a number of new public collaborative pieces in Bulgaria. I will soon upload photos of the new Moon Temple, which I have developed in a deserted building located in каранци, the village I have called home since 2015.

When my immigration papers are properly in order I will be organising Brick Projects in Велико Търново and София, so watch this space!

In other news I still need to finish the rewards for the Tit Mice Kickstarter. After the death of our beloved percussionist Andrew I’m afraid I have been working considerably slower on this task. Don’t worry it will be finished and will be a lasting tribute to our fluorescent friend, who is one of the most inspiring self taught musicians I have ever worked with.

I will also record some new music in the new moon temple with Gould from The Compeat Cannonaire some time this year.

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